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About Us

The Suffolk Humanist group was founded in 1991. Members receive regular newsletters, with news and views.

We promote the ideas of Humanism and Secularism.

We provide speakers for schools and adult organisations. We raise awareness of Humanism through the press, through involvement with other organisations, and through educational activities.

We meet in Ipswich usually 2nd Tuesday of the month  in the Thomas Wolsey pub in St Peters St. Ipswich . Sometimes we welcome guest speakers, and sometimes we simply enjoy socialising. Because our members are widely scattered and transport can be a problem, we try to arrange for members to give and be given lifts to meetings.

We’re in the processof becoming partners of   Humanists UK,  we are affiliated with the National Secular Society and we’re members of the Suffolk Association of Voluntary Organisations. We’re represented on Suffolk County Council’s Standing Advisory Council on Religious Education (SACRE), ensuring that a non-religious world view is included in RE.

We welcome new members. If you’re not sure we’re what you’re looking for, come and meet us before you make up your mind.

You can find out more by browsing our site but in a nutshell Humanists think that:

  • this world and this life are all we have;
  • we should try to live full and happy lives ourselves and, as part of this, make it easier for other people to do the same;
  • all situations and people deserve to be judged on their merits by standards of reason and humanity;
  • individuality and social cooperation are equally important.

A J Ayer, as President of the British Humanist Association, 1960s

“I’m an atheist, and that’s it. I believe there’s nothing we can know except that we should be kind to each other and do what we can for other people.”

Katherine Hepburn

Secularists think that:

  • religion should not be part of the affairs of the state
  • religious organisations should not be privileged or given a special law
  • education should not be based upon religious beliefs
  • political systems should not be based on religion.

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